Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mass Dems take shots at Gov. Romney's travels...

In this Boston Globe article, the Massachussetts Democrats again try to criticize the governor for his frequent travels to other states.
Cyndi Roy, spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Democratic Party, said Romney's absenteeism is becoming routine.

''Romney being away this week or next week isn't telling of anything. His running around the country for the past year and a half is more telling," she said. ''While he's courting Republicans around the country, we have real issues that need to be taken care of back home."
What they don't tell you, though is that his travels to Ohio, South Carolina and New Hampshire all have one thing in common -- all have elections this year for Governor. And Mitt, as head of the National Governor's Association, is charged with aiding GOP candidates in those elections. As Romney spokeswoman Julie Teer adds,
''Governor Romney's first priority is Massachusetts, and he's working hard to create jobs, reform education, and enact healthcare reform," she said. ''Just as Mike Dukakis traveled to help fellow governors as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association," Teer said of the former governor and presidential candidate, ''Governor Romney travels to help Republican governors."
Let the pre-emptive strikes continue. The Democratic party, in Mass and elsewhere, are shaking in their boots at the prospect of facing Mitt Romney in 2008.