Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mitt's SC Trip a Hit...

The Governor spoke in South Carolina last night, and here is the write-up from the local Greenville News. Romney's main purpose in traveling to South Carolina was in his role as Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, promoting the re-election of SC Governor Mark Sanford.

"SCGOP" posted a review of the evening on his diary at, and it has elicited many comments in favor of Mitt, including:
  • "Personally, I think Romney/Sanford sounds like a real nice ticket." from 'jamespolk,'
  • "Romney also has the following the advantage over ALL the candidates:

    * smartest guy in politics (top of class from Harvard law/mba)
    * no corruption, sex scandals, or drinking issues (he's probably the most untainted guy in major politics today)
    * financial wizard (founded Bain Capital, turned around Utah Olympics from misery, great job in MA fixing budget and reforming)
    * very logical conservative in Reagan's mold, and is awesome at explaining why conservative values and politics are the best choice
    * has supported Bush 100% on foreign policy
    * charismatic, can "rally" support from the middle and right, and delivers great speeches (important after Bush)
    * he's not a Senator, so the Presidential campaign won't be 24/7 debate over each Senate vote like there would be with Allen or McCain." from 'iamright,' and
  • "He is untouched by Washington, and he is conservative enough to rally the base, especially with the right VP. He has my full support." from 'FirstState.'
Okay, that last one is me. But I encourage you to go to Red State and show your support for Romney.
h/t Nathan for the Greenville Article