Monday, February 13, 2006

Reminders of Success

The AP reminds us today of Romney's strong leadership and great success at the '02 Salt Lake City Olympics.
"As he weighs a run for president, does he hope people remember his role in turning around the bribery-tainted 2002 Salt Lake City Games?

Well, Romney said he isn't one to deal in hypotheticals and won't hazard as guess as to what it would mean for his political future. But he knows it has helped him in his political past."

And it will again, because he has left a long trail of executive success in his wake: Bain Capital, the 2002 Olympics, and governing Massachussetts out of debt and into the black without raising taxes. And in each case, he was the man in charge. His whole adult life, the buck has stopped with Mitt, and he has been successful. This is, and will remain, Reason #1 why he should be our next President.