Friday, March 17, 2006

Is this guy the best, or what?

Portions of the Governor's speech today in Nashua, NH, from the New Hampshire Union-Leader :
"I was a little late," a meticulously coifed Romney told the audience as he arrived for the 15th annual Wild Irish Breakfast, a St. Patrick's Day roast organized by Streeter. "Stepping out of the car, I bumped my head and broke my hair."

"You can tell when it's election time here: You put up those `Candidate Crossing' signs," the governor said, pausing a beat. "And you can tell it's New Hampshire, because you speed up."

Romney also joked that he had begun the day reading the Bible before adding, "I always find it's very helpful to get up in the morning and see what the Union Leader is saying."

He complained in jest about the famously conservative newspaper that prints a daily prayer, reading the headline: "The sap is running."

Then he deadpanned: "But I haven't even made a decision yet."