Thursday, March 16, 2006

Religious Freedom Goes Both Ways...

From The Boston Globe today: Romney files 'religious freedom' bill on church and gay adoption
A bill introduced by Gov. Mitt Romney that would exempt religious social services agencies from being required to place some adoptive children in same-sex households is being denounced by gay rights activists.

The bill filed Wednesday would exempt Catholic Charities -- the social services arm of the Boston Archdiocese -- from a state antidiscrimination law that says it must provide adoption services to gay and lesbian couples.
Romney's money quote:
"It is a matter beyond dispute, and a prerequisite to the preservation of liberty, that government not dictate to religious institutions the moral principles by which they are to carry out their charitable and divine mission," Romney said in a letter to House and Senate leaders.
There are agencies in Massachusetts that can serve the need for gay people to adopt. The Catholic Church should not be forced to violate its tenets by the state. Once again, Romney shows excellent leadership on social issues. I guess this means another 5-point drop in approval rating for Mitt in Mass, which is like a 5-point bump anywhere else!